The Dunakavics corporation has 14 different apartments in Szentendre. Our apartments are located in the centre of Szentendre, in the Szent István and Bogdány street.

All the apartments are unique with different themes. The owners after their long trips decided that they want to create a unique environment and atmosphere, where they would also spend their time in Hungary. Their choice was Szentendre : it is close to Budapest, but also next to the breathtaking and beautiful Dunakanyar. The city’s unique and timeless beauty, its history and valuable cultural life also gives countless great opportunities to spend your time here.

All of our apartments are unique and capable of hosting bigger and smaller families or friends but they are also perfect for a romantic couple to spend their time here. Most of our apartments come with a kitchen and a diner. The apartment's interiors are unique and built on different themes. Our goal was to create an atmosphere and a place for our guests , which makes them want to return to Szentendre, and stay in another apartment and try out a different theme. There is a lot to choose from : it can go from the vibe of a barn, or the inside of a sailing boat, to a Japanese villa and soon a Harry Potter styled castle.

During the creation process , we were also inspired by the long history and atmosphere of the buildings, and the closeness of the river Danube. We used sustainable and eco friendly architecture opportunities , and the 21st century’s invitations. Another goal was to create a unique scent for each of our apartments, so our guests not only remember the comfort and the beauty of our apartments, but also the unique smell.

Our efforts were rated as a 4 and a 5 star by the Magyar Turisztikai Minőségtanúsító Intézet, and the ratings by our many previous guest on different hotel sites almost reaches the maximum : booking.com : 9,6 , szallas.hu : 9.7.

We look forward to seeing you. Please, after your time here , share your thoughts and ideas on dunakavicsapartman.hu and dunakavicshotel.hu, or on many different hotel sites.

  • High quality, without compromises.
  • Exigent and unique interior.
  • Clean and comfortable.
  • Cozy and anthropocentric.

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